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We're here for you.

Texas's premier in-home concierge health and wellness service.

We come to you.

Our mobile services.

Texas in-home IV therapy service.
Texas in-home lab service.
Texas in-home weight loss service.

Prepare to embrace a new level of well-being through our exclusive in-home concierge services. Our mobile IV treatments bring an infusion of goodness directly to your doorstep, catering to your unique needs. Experience the transformative effects of NAD+ therapy, igniting your vitality and supporting overall wellness. Our weight-loss injections, carefully tailored to your goals, enhance your journey towards a healthier you. By providing transparent pricing and professional-grade services, we're dedicated to guiding individuals towards their best selves. Let us begin this empowering voyage with a comprehensive medical assessment, culminating in an unbeatable sense of fulfillment.

Our clients love us.

And we love them too! Here are some of our latest Google reviews.

Texas in-home concierge health and wellness service.

How it works.

As your premier in-home health concierge service, we specialize in helping you feel and look your best in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Our registered nurses and practitioners come to you so you can skip the lengthy waiting times and uncomfortable treatment rooms.

We come to you.

Step 1

Select Your Service

We offer several in-home concierge health services. Learn more about them and select the one that best fits your needs.

Step 2

Book Your Session

Simply choose your in-home concierge service and schedule the best day and time that works for you. Text us for ASAP service.

Step 3

We Come to You

Our Registered Nurses will come to you and provide the best in-home concierge experience. It's self care made easy. 

Meet our team of professionals.

At Modwella, we’re all about doing things the right way. Having partnered with some of Texas's leading registered nurses, headed by a board-certified physician, our team are committed to your head-to-toe comfort. No discomfort. Just your needs, front-and-center.

Anthony, DO
Anthony / DO
Nurse Tyler
Tyler / RN
Kristine NP
Kristine / NP

You're in Texas? So are we.

As an in-home health and wellness company, we're reimagining the world of healing. No need to trudge to a crowded waiting room - we bring our feel-good mobile IV cocktails and concierge wellness services straight to you, whether you're at home or on your lunch break at your office. We're just a text away - you ask, we deliver

Ready for your dose?

We offer high-class in-home health services, without the price tag. We’re bringing uncapped goodness to your neighborhood. Stay in touch. Follow us on Instagram and text us for service. 

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